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Investigations into the Ebola response in DRC

I did a series of article on the Ebola response in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The hardest-hitting investigation I did on the Ebola response revealed kickbacks in the hiring of staff whose bonuses were paid by the WHO. It also revealed multiple conflicts of interest in the hiring of cars , and how the WHO closed its eyes to those. This was based mostly on leaked documents, published in Liberation and funded by the European Journalism Center.

I also wrote on the history of the Ebola vaccine used in Congo and how a small company made nearly $50 million by buying a patent developed by Canadian researchers working for the government, for the New Humanitarian.

Another investigation for New Humanitarian looked at the violence by security forces that escort the Ebola response, how several young people were shot for no good reason, and teenagers who buried their friend fainted under gunshots.

For World Politics Review, I wrote an analysis of the reasons the Ebola virus kept killing for over a year and a half, and led to community mistrust and attacks against health workers.

In a lighter article, I reported on the daily struggles of the Ebola response, and my own challenges in reporting on the outbreak.