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Paradise Papers partners with ICIJ

This map shows the number of Paradise Papers media partners in each country (source: ICIJ). A while back, I had published a similar map on the Panama Papers reporters.  Map…

Emmanuel 30 January 2018

Participation in Kenya's 2017 presidential elections by county

79 percent of registered voters in Kenya voted in the 2017 presidential election according to IEBC data. This map shows the participation in each county (total votes…

Emmanuel 11 August 2017

Comparing maps of China's loans and investments in Africa

China’s involvement in Africa, and in particular its loans and aid, have often been seen as a way to acquire resources at a low cost. New data on Chinese…

Emmanuel 29 June 2016

Where are the Panama Papers reporters?

This map shows the number of Panama papers reporters in each country. (source: ICIJ) PS: I might admit to a slight obsession with mapping at the moment… (Edit:…

Emmanuel 17 June 2016

Which countries have disclosed most extractive contracts?

I’ve been playing around with Cartodb and the fairly new, and really useful, website Click on the map below to see which countries…

Emmanuel 4 June 2016